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Why Use E-Learning?

History of training in recent years

In 1970, almost everybody who was being trained expected to be in one job for his or her entire life. In the vast majority, those people were trained using traditional classroom methods. In 2006, almost everybody who is being trained can expect to be retrained at least 4 times in his or her life because of the introduction of technology. Effectively, training organisations are still trying to output a minimum of 4 times the amount of training with the same sized training force using the same methods prior to technology taking hold. Does that make sense to you?? It doesn't and it won't produce the desired result. Add to this the problem that the training materials being used are out of date within years. The only way this can be addressed is by using technology to address the problem that technology has caused. E-Learning is the only real answer to the problem.

Save money

The major costs in training are staff and infrastructure. Some of the work need not be done in classrooms or taught by teachers. The amount of this work is variable depending on the subject area being taught or trained. There are many excellent examples of how to save money using E-Learning if certain things are implemented.

Start the students when they are ready

In smaller Schools, it is unlikely that full classes can all start at the same time. With E-Learning, any student can start when they need to. And groups of students can be found in remote areas without the need to have them all in the same classroom.

Upgrade what you offer

These days, students expect to learn using technology. Using traditional methods is not likely to engage them or keep them abreast of what is happening in their chosen fields. Of all the industry sectors adopting and using technology, the teaching and training sector is the slowest on the uptake. And yet they are ones professing to be the organisations who will be responsible for training our youth and new skilled workers???


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