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VET E-Learning Resources and Systems

WebTrain, in partnership with selected Community Colleges, and with the patronage of Industry leaders, has begun a large project to supply cost effective E-Learning resources for VET in Schools use. WebTrain currently has in excess of 50 clients delivering online courses within the VET in Schools sector around Australia. The cost of accessing these resources can be as little as $500 per school per subject area for unlimited access for a year. Select the "What does it cost" link to see how you can access these resources for your students.

10 subject areas will be covered with our Learning Management Systems and online courses. The list of units available can be viewed from the Resources link above and on the right.

Evaluations of both teachers and students using these systems have been conducted and the results are extremely positive. Select the link below to see evaluation outcomes for students using the IT online courses in Victoria and Queensland. We will eventually post evaluations for every subject area on this page as the project progresses. The aim is to produce the very highest quality E-Learning resources for VET in Schools use.


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