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Automotive Units

In partnership with Automotive Training Australia, WebTrain Services Pty Ltd has the following Cert II Automotive units available:

AURC270103A - Apply Safe Working Practice
AURT200108A - Carry out Servicing Operations
AURC270688A - Work Effectively with Others
AURT225667A - Use and Maintain Measuring Equipment
AURT271781A - Implement and Monitor Environmental Regulations in the Automotive Mechanical Industry
AURE218676A - Test, Service and Charge Batteries
AURC270789A - Communicate Effectively in the Workplace
AURT200368A - Select and use Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Sealants and Adhesives
AURE218708A - Carry out Repairs to Single Electrical Circuits
AURT201170A - Inspect and Service Engines
AURT203170A - Service Petrol Fuel Systems
AURT202170A - Inspect and Service Cooling Systems
AURT205166A - Repair Exhaust System Components
AURT222670A - Service Air Conditioning Systems
AURT304666A - Repair & Replace Emission Control Systems
AURT306170A - Inspect, Service, and/or Repair Clutch Assemblies and Associated Components
AURT322666A - Repair/Retrofit Air Conditioning Systems
AURT306666A - Repair Manual Transmissions
AURT310166A - Repair Hydraulic Braking Systems
AURT313166A - Repair Final Drive Driveline
AURT315166A - Repair Steering Systems
AURT320666A - Repair Ignition Systems

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